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you act like you aren't offended or triggered by anything. don't insult people who are just because you don't agree



No, I don’t. In fact, there are quite a few things in this world that trigger/offend me. The song The Reason by Hoobastank is one of my greatest triggers. But do you know what I do when it comes on the radio? I change the station. I don’t call up the radio station and demand that they never play that song again. I don’t write Hoobastank a strongly-worded passive aggressive letter about how their song reminds me of a part of my life that I would rather forget. I don’t figuratively shit on every person that happens to like the song. I am under no disillusion that this world will cater to my needs. I am not special. There are no trigger warnings in the real world. I know that I live in a world where things will happen that will remind me of my past. I know that I will have to face and defeat my demons over and over again. But I don’t focus on that. I focus on the things that I love; the things that bring me joy. I would be such a dark and sour person if I just focused on all the bad things that have happened in my life. So I choose to focus on the good, and I continue to change the station whenever that song comes on. That’s how I fight and win my battles. Because there’s no reason to bring others down just to lift me up.

a million times this the trigger thing in general pisses me off if you can't handle accidently coming across something on the internet how do you do it in real life?

Driven: a summary

Fandom: okay let's start

Castle: plot twist

Fandom: whoa easy there we just-

Castle: plot twist

Fandom: but-

Castle: plot twist

Fandom: hold on

Castle: plot twist

Fandom: what tHE-

Castle: plot twist


Castle: plot twist


Castle: plot twist

Castle: plot twist

Castle: plot twist





Fandom: are you done

Castle: yes

Fandom: okay now-


castle pretty much Tropical Storm?!?



#They’re both quite perceptive 

More parallels

Literally quoting what I’ve voiced before, because this ep solidified it:

Emma has found what her mom has in David.

Killian & Charming are their respective ladies’ partners, and equals, but essentially are the ones always following them into danger, having their backs, taking it in stride (Charming and Snow literally went after Medusa’s head during their ‘honeymoon’ because Snow was too anxious to enjoy it. Like mother like daughter, anyone? ) ––

because they know this  – their lives of constant battles and villains to face – is a small price to pay for being with the women they love.

Snow needed that as Queen, as a leader – just as Emma does now as The Savior, as both men push them to see past the next fight long enough to be happy/<3 

OUAT Snowing Captain Swan. Gah my babies

'I  don't need you to talk. You're somewhat of an open book. Am I?

The fact that what c o m p e l s her to kiss him, has been part of the very same thing that’s caused her to hold back for s o damn  lo n g; the way she’s so transparent to him, how e f f o r t l e s s l y he reads her – is quite possibly my favorite thing, maybe even more so than the kiss itself.

That little gulp he gives, he’s scared that he’s said too much, pushed her too soon, that she’ll walk away (this is the point where she always would), 

but she isn’t unsettled by it anymore, or scared of the depth of this connection they have, though she still needs time, it’s a c o m f o r t, not a hindrance to have someone know her, and her heart, the way he does.<3 

Once Upon A Time Captain Swan CS Meta Ish Never gonna be over these two


Because really though, Killian hit the nail on the head there – as he usually does –– with her, and what she’s feeling, and could tell 100% that the Regina thing was clearly a clutch in part, for whatever issues she still has to let go of (ha),

and when he’s done that before, every other time, she’s walked away, when it got too heavy – too much, and it still is…

so she walks away yet again, but after a fucking kiss.

Letting him know she’ll get there, she’s trying, he’s not (has never been) waiting in vain, and I just…%^&*()_<3

Once Upon A Time Captain Swan Is it next Sunday yet?