Itty Bitty CA Rant…

Okay, what….?!?

First off, I’m team!Annie in terms of that argument they had ––

How many times as her handler has he told HER to put the mission first? (“Why did you come back for me?!”)

Yes, he’s broken protocol for her before, but he has ALWAYS called her out on being too emotional to make the right choices at certain times. 

Second, I can appreciate them being separated for story purposes, fine – (though I swear if they say the word ‘friend,’ one more time, I’ll slap someone..)

But really, to say, “time has passed…” in regards to Annie, as Chris has said himself, and then have us believe that after four YEARS, he’s not over his, ‘connection,’ with Tash?

(Just like he apparently wasn’t over Helen after SEVEN years?)

And that means it’s totally okay to technically cheat on Haley?


Not here for another triangle, that involves two guest stars I could care less about.

As well as this new guy with Annie, who Chris basically said, things would get “complicated,” with.

Think I’ll pass on the next few eps-– or you know, the rest of the season.

/On a brighter note, Joan continues to be fabulous in everything she does./

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Anonymous asked:

What I hate most about OQ is that it's a typical misogynistic crap where a woman has to be broken and meek so that manly man can swoop in and save her because she needs him. What was their first scene? RH saved a "damsel in distress". And it's not just that, he's also going to save her emotionally because she can only be happy with him. I know you ship OQ and sometimes we all like problematic things, but I wish you'd admit these things.




You want me to “admit" that Regina has turned "broken and meek" and that Robin turned Regina into a "damsel in distress" because Robin saved her that one time and “she can only be happy with him”?

This is broken?


And meek?


A damsel in distress?


Who can only be happy with him?


This woman?


Right here?


Has been reduced for a LI?




My answer to you, is no. No I will not admit that Regina was turned into a damsel. That she was made broken and meek. You know when she was broken? 


Yet between her son, Snow, Robin, Roland, everyone else, and most importantly, herself, she made it from there to this.


To say Regina was reduced is to insult the incredible character development she has had. I hate that people disregard so much because she let some of that hard surface soften for someone other than Henry. I hope she still does. 

I promote you as the voice of OQ.

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Buzz: What do you think would happen if Nick and Jess dated but broke up?
JJ: I think it would be very hard for him. I think she would get over it before he would. Nick’s really sensitive; I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s such a grump and he’s mean about everything. I think because he over-feels things, and I just think if they got together, he would think they were getting together for keeps. I think Nick’s in a part of his life where he’s looking for things that are real and things that are grounded. I think that’s one of the reasons he gets so mad all the time. He wants to believe in things. So I think if they started dating and she broke up with him, and they had to live together and he had to watch people come in, he’d go nuts.


So, basically what we can expect s4 to look like, it seems?

Guess he was right on about Jess dating again before him.

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