Someone, who has faced their inner darkness, and turned away…the love […] is all I needed.

#No but the more I think about this #The more I realize how much of a giant #FU #It was to ANYONE who thinks this man has not changed #Rumple wasn’t just hoping he’d changed and want the hook back #He was COUNTING on it #He expected it #The same way he was ready to go with a deal for Anna #Knowing damn well she wasn’t going to give the old man what she thought was poison #She played RIGHT into his hands #As did Killian #Because Rumple recognized in them – exactly what he needed #Exactly why HE failed: #A person who has faced their darkness and TURNED AWAY #Something no other Dark One has done #And like Killian pointed out…#Rumple hasn’t either

#That puppy dog comment? #Seems more bitter now than anything #Because Rumple hasn’t found it within himself to move past that darkness for the woman he loves 

#If you can not see #In comparing him to ANNA #A character with one of the PUREST hearts #Doing WHATEVER it takes #Yet also not resorting to EVIL to do so….#Killing #Or #Keeping a hand believed to be cursed #How they CEMENTED his role as hero #Then you are not watching the same show

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OUAT CS META KIllian Fucking Jones Is a fucking HERO

"I know you better than you know yourself…"

MMMKAY, finale answer for me = cursed.

So, he says he gave Belle the real dagger, after the first time Hook black-mailed him…which makes perfect sense.

Not only had he already wanted to do it originally, but this gave him a quick push in the ass, because no WAY in hell was he gonna give the pirate leverage against him.

But just as Killian knows him, he knows Killian – anticipated, that he may use this to get his hand back…it WAS funny that he “should bring that up…”

And because he knows Killian HAS changed,

The writers made a point of stressing that line, as I said in my last post THREE times –– (with Elsa, with Rumple, then David…) –– he knew he’d want the hand gone.

Ergo, being able to coerce him into making the deal…exactly as he knew that Anna WOULD NOT try to kill the old man.

He wasn’t just using love against them…he was using their G O O D nature.

Once Upon A Time Killian Jones Rumple This is a giant mess My poor baby

We take this break from your regularly scheduled angst, to point out Daddy’s little routine, though I have no doubt he meant it  –– was basically just for show?

That mamma and papa missed this moment in their little girl’s life, and now given this chance, he’s not gonna miss the opportunity to try to threaten the man that’s stolen her heart?

Even after their little talk, pre!cave in, them coming  to an agreement, him KNOWING how much Killian loves her, seeing first hand how distraught he was at the thought of losing her… 

Despite the fact that he DOES trust him, changed man that he his, MATES as they now are…he’s still gonna ruffle his feathers.

Because he has his daughter back, and he’s damn well gonna make up for lost time.

(But, you know, he doesn’t wanna be T O O hard on him…)

Once Upon A Time Captain Charming Charming Swan Daddy Charming feels @$%^&*( He didn't wanna be too hard on his mate

Okay, I literally don’t know how to feel…Because on one hand, (ha, see what I did there…..) I’m like are FUCKING KIDDING ME, WRITERS?

The insinuation, that his change hasn’t been genuine, that at the first sign of an “excuse,” he’s resorted back to that darkness…is just…NUTS.

But the foreshadowing, brilliant…

"I’ve worked to change…"

"Unlike me, you haven’t changed one bit."

"He really has changed."

BUT, if this is later on, going to pan out to continue to mirror Anna’s time with Rumple, allowing Killian to face that darkness (and as Snow said of Regina, and Rumple said to Henry about himself –– it’s a process), and TURN AWAY, as Anna did…then ALL FOR IT.

Seriously though, cursed hand or not, do not fucking tell me that Killian Jones is still the broken, miserable, selfish man he was.

Once Upon A Tme OUAT Captain Swan WHat just happened