Sooooo, here’s my two cents, 

I don’t think anyone is begrudging Emma for still having these fears or doubts ––

I think the point is, at this particular point in time, Killian deserves to know the truth behind those reservations.

He, although he may be able to read her exceptionally well, needs, and I feel, deserves, to know, that he is not the problem.

And as for being an Emma fan, much like Hook himself, you can love her, and still call her on her sh*t…

"Why are you so afraid of staying?"

"Like mother, like daughter."

"It must run in the family."

"I think it would be a hell of easier to go back to pretending to be someone you’re not!"

Isn’t this specifically WHY he is so good for her?

Because, yes, he UNDERSTANDS her fears, but is also willing to give her the push she needs to face them?

I am 100% a fan of Emma, and not sure when being a fan of a character suddenly became synonymous with agreeing with everything they do. 

Emma, I’m sure, for whatever reasons they end up disclosing, is totally and completely justified in having these reservations, just as Killian has been justified in calling her out on it, while STILL accepting all those things about her. :)

However it plays out, they BOTH deserve the happiness they’ve found in each other, and that’ll start with the two of them being honest about the scars of their past.

Which they’ve both voiced they’re willing to do…

"I’m tired of living in the past."

"I know the feeling."

Now they’re finally making good on those words.<3 

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wakingupwithkimye asked:

Very well said!!! I don't like when people confuse not liking something and something not actually being a good thing


Thank you!

I could list an endless amount of instances where despite the “silliness,” of the show, the take-away from the story-line, has an insane amount of heart…

Ally’s stage fright for one, is an exceptional lesson for kids. The fact that she slowly pushed through those fears, and grew not only as a performer, but as a PERSON, and is comfortable in her own skin? (And for herSELF, not for Austin, or anyone else) is 100% what I would want young girls to see.

The fact that Austin has NUMEROUS times put her head of his career, (“I’d rather that happen, then let you suffer…) (You’re more important than all of that…) is EXACTLY the type of lesson I’d want kids to learn about friendship/sacrfice for those you love.

The fact that even as just “kids,” they handled their break-up, by staying “best friends and partners, always” is again EXACTLY the type of maturity I’d want my kid to learn. 

Adding into that these kids are pursuing their dreams and what they LOVE, all the while never losing sight of the other things that are important, friendship & family ––

This show is certainly one that kids should be watching and learning from.<3 

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austin & ally is like the worst show ever

I’ve pretty much banned Disney in my house. ”Good Luck Charlie” was decent, at least there were PARENTS. Haven’t had the chance to really sit down and watch Girl Meets World yet.

The girls…

Mmkay, so I baby-sit quite a lot, and watch a good portion of Disney (like, a lot) & am gonna have to cut in here to defend A&A for a little bit…

If it’s the acting that you’re not on board with, totally fine, I’ll not deny some of it (especially early on) was over the top –

But in terms of story-line, and ‘lessons,’ – A&A is 100% on point.

The show is about the friendship between the four of them, and nothing to do with “wanting boyfriends,” (despite the fact that, yes, Austin & Ally develop feelings for each other later on, and it’s handled extremely maturely for kids 16.)

The connection, or what have you, they formed was based on their love of music, and following their dreams –- and every chance they get, they’re always putting each other first, and staying loyal to that friendship.

He’s risked his career for her, she’s faced her stage fright for him – and later for herSELF, and became comfortable with who she is, and she in turn helps and inspires him.

And there’s as much heart/focus on the friendship between Dez/Austin, Ally/Trish, as there is the rest – so the focus isn’t solely on the romance/relationship between the leads…

(Also there are a few great moments and episodes that DO touch on their parents and family as well – but it’s not a family centered show like GLC or Dog with A Blog, it’s about these kids and their music.)

Whether you like the show or not, is totally a matter of opinion, but I see nothing wrong with kids watching a show about four kids, helping & working together through trying to achieve their dreams. :)

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